The hOMe Tutor

"There is no elevator t​o success. You have to take the stairs."


Our Services | We Come To You

All Subject Tutoring

Depending on your needs we will match you with a specific tutor. They will either arrive straight to your door or at a public place of your choice. We do not start tutoring until you have personally met with one of our management staff or owner to discuss your needs in person.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Do you have a parent/teacher conference you need us to attend?  Maybe you have trouble understanding english or don't want to have to deal with the teacher. We can come along with you.


Homeschooling is done using FLVS. We set up a schedule that works well with the student while helping them maintain organized. The tutor then works with the student to make sure all assignments are being completed using a pace chart. 


Have a document from your child's school you don't understand? Let us translate for you.

A brief background

The Home Tutor is a one-on-one home tutoring program for all grade and subject levels. We focus on bringing positivity and confidence to help boost your child's self esteem. We are not only a tutoring company but focus on private homeschooling as well. Finally, everything you need for your child's success!